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Pearl Naval


Pearl Naval

We, as Pearl Naval, are looking forward to continuing successfully facing ever-changing shipping industry’s new challenges. Our aim never changed to achieve the satisfaction of our partners and clients. This is clear that good working relations come naturally when both parties are satisfied. To do that we try to give the utmost attention to our members. However, our management works as a part of a team. What we all wish is for the convenience in our business life, therefore, we should work with and grow with.

Pearl Naval Trading

We provide first class global trading and freight forwarding solutions.

Istanbul Gas & Energy Management

ISGEM provides one stop multiple solutions for oil & gas, offshore industry’s. Our aim never changed to achieve satisfaction of our partners and clients in order to serve excellent services.

Peak Marine

We are proud to introduce our company, Peak Marine , one of the leading crewing companies in our region. Considering our geographical location, the most strategic main port Batumi and a city boasting a number of renowned higher education institutions preparing professional people for maritime industry. Hence, Peak Marine has wide database of qualified shipboard personnel, licensed mariners ''over 10,000 persons''. Our database contains specialists with proven sea-service at different kind and type of vessels. Also, our candidates speak English, Russian, Turkish languages. On the other hand, our company have strong relationship with Georgian Marine Administration, Maritime Training Centers which provide us with good, qualified seafarers.

Aura Trading

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